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DRIVING DIRECTIONS to Stargazer Ranch from Salt Lake City:

Salt Lake to Stargazer

  1. Head North on I-15 from Salt Lake City
    • You will pass the following cities: Ogden, Brigham City and Honeyville
  2. Near Tremonton you will need to follow I-84 towards Snowville (this can be done simply by staying in the left two lanes)
    • Do not follow I-15 North to Pocatello ID…. you should be on I-84 not I-15 at this point
  3. Exit at the first Snowville Exit (Exit #7)
    • Fill up with gas and gather any other supplies as this is the last place with services
    • Most vehicles will not make it to and from Stargazer Ranch without filling up with gas...This is your warning
  4. Get back on I-84 west and exit on the next Snowville exit (Exit #5) and take a left over the bridge/I-84 and follow Hwy 30 until mile post 33 (please read the next line as it is important)
    • Approximately 15.8 miles from the bridge on HWY 30 you will need to take a left to stay on HWY 30 towards Park Valley / Elko ……if you do not you will end up in Idaho and you will need to turn around
    • You will pass Park Valley and Rosetta before mile post 33
  5. Turn left just before mile post 33 (the mile post marker is 20 feet too far) so slow down to take a left on to Emigrant road (dirt road)
  6. After 7.8 miles on Emigrant road you will take a right on Red Dome Road
  7. You will arrive at Stargazer Ranch following Red Dome Rd for 4.7 miles